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HIPS Plastic Sheet

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HIPS Plastic Sheet Rolls




Food Grade with SGS certification

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HIPS plastic is a kind of thermoplastic plastic, This is a new type of environmental protection packaging material developed in recent years, with excellent thermal forming performance, good anti-impact performance for the performance of environmental protection and health performance, widely used in medicine, food, toys, electronics and clothing.

Main features:
1.Low static electricity, suitable for low static product packaging.
2.Easy to vacuum forming, and the products have a good anti – attack performance.
3.Have good health performance, can be directly in contact with food and does not produce harmful substances.
4.Easy to color processing can be made of different colors of materials, the production of different colors of the vacuum cover.
5.Good hardness.The hardness of this kind of sheet material is better than other sheet materials of the same thickness.The thermoformed cup can be used as a hot and cold drinking cup.
6.In line with environmental protection requirements, can be recycled.Incineration of its waste does not produce harmful substances that harm the environment.

HIPS Performance Parameter
Specific Gravity: 1.04g/cm
Tensile Strength:Lengthways ≥26MPa; Crosswise ≥24MPa.
Impact Strength (No incision): 18KJ/m2
The Dimensions Change When It Heated(No Crosswise): <4%.
Vicat Deformation Temperature: 90℃.
Sanitation Conformity:standard of GB9689.
Transparency PS Performance Parameter:
Specific Gravity: 1.04g/cm
Tensile Strength:Lengthways ≥26MPa; Crosswise ≥24MPa.
Impact Strength (No incision): 18KJ/m2
The Dimensions Change When It Heated(No Crosswise): <4%.
Due to the above characteristics.ps sheet is widely used in different industries.

At present, Our factory altogether 19 plastic sheets production lines and 25 machines for plastic packaging producing.Including 8 lines for PET/GAG, 3 lines for PVC, 4 lines for PP and 4 lines for HIPS.   And plastic packaging including cake boxes, fruit boxes, fruit trays, dry fruit boxes/trays, food trays, egg trays, hardware blister packaging, cosmetics blister packaging and electronic trays etc. Also our factory accept OEM order.
The main exports of the country are southeast Asia, Canada, Greece, Azerbaijan, Japan, Pakistan, USA etc. Our factory provide SGS, CE, FDA ISO certifications and as your request.
Our factory not only has own long-term regular customer and also has long-term cooperation of forwarder and express. Ensure the safe transportation of goods.
Qinghua Factory aim is to caring service to build trade bridge, help customer and factory improve efficiency, cost down, make the product more circulation, communicate more smoothly.

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Basic Services  
1.Your inquiry will be replied in the earliest time.
2.You can get samples for free if you pay for the postage fees
3.Short production lead time and delivery.
4.Freight forwarder: faster, safer, and convenient.
5.Welcome to visit our factory anytime.
Customized Services:
1.We are happy to produce OEM order.
2.We have development dept. to develop your special request.
3.For the packing and loading, customized request is also available.
After-sale Services:
We have been endeavoring to provide you first class service and product all the time. If you have any problem with our product or service, please do not hesitate to contact us we will solve it to your satisfaction.

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