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PVC Plastic sheet

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Polyvinyl Chloride(PVC)plastic sheet

Jizhou Qinghua plastic factory is committed to the plastic packaging industry at home and abroad to provide high-quality plastic package products,PVC PP HIPS PET and other plastic uptake sheet and all kinds of skin packing products (all kinds of bake box,birthday cake box,fruit tray,fresh tray,egg tray and other plastic packing). Qinghua plastic factory in a professional and efficient service,establish a long-term relations of cooperation with our customer.
Our aim is to caring services to build trade bridge,help customers and factories improve efficiency, cost down, make the product more circulation, communicate more smoothly.

Using all food grade Raw materials and auxiliary materials produced by high temperature calendering plastic sheet with non-toxic and tasteless, No plasticizer ingredients, Compliance with EU Directive 1907/2006 REACH. The product has high transparency and high gloss, thermoforming easily, and has excellent strength and goodness secondary processing characteristics.
Our factory accept customized produce color sheet: natural transparent, Blue light transparent, colorful, gold sliver etc.

Range of Production

Width 280mm-1000mm
Thickness 0.15mm-0.8mm
Color All color customized

PVC Solid medical plastic sheet
Characters and Application.

Feature of Product: Good surface gloss, high transparency, less crystal bubbles, less flow lines, easy blister, and with SGS certification.
Usage of Product:Widely used in packaging (blister,electronics, stationery, hardware, printing, gift packaging etc.) It can also be applied to the packaging of video (confectionery) and other electronic products with high hygiene requirements.

Product Category
1.Transparent plastic sheet:colorless (or bluish) transparent.
2.Brown plastic sheet: protection from light, light brown,dark brown. (accept customized)
3.Orange plastic sheet: protection from light, orange-yellow, golden-yellow.(accept customized).
4.Cream white plastic sheet: protection from light, milky white, porcelain white (accept customized).
5.Accept customized others various color plastic sheets

Product Specification

Range of Production

Width ≤640mm
Thickness 0.10mm-0.8mm
Color All color customized

Regular Size:250mm*0.25mm、130mm*0.25mm、125mm*0.25mm

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